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Arrows Wallpaper

Arrows Wallpaper: the perfect blend of modern and retro, customizable to match your decor style. With subtle or bold colour to choose from you can create a standout feature wall thats both removable and damage-free.

Looking to add some modern retro vibe to your space? Look no further than our arrows wallpaper, perfect for creating a feature wall that will really make a statement. The removable fabric material is colour customisable, so you can find the background and feature colours that perfectly match your decor style. Plus, it's removable, damage-free, and easy to install. With multiple wall height options, you'll love how versatile this wallpaper truly is!

  • With its subtle colour and bold colourway options, this wallpaper can easily be customised to match your desired background or feature wall
  • Size - Wall height options of 200cm, 250cm, 280cm, 310cm and 350cm to suit the hieght of your home 
  • Colour - Choose a background and a feature colour

Panels are 65cm wide

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