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Irregular Dots Wall Stickers

Looking for a fun way to bring some colour to your room?  Our Irregular Dots Wall Stickers are ideal.

Choose up to six colours from our colour chart to suit your decor.

These Irregular Dots Wall Stickers are available in three different packs - small, large and mixed.

If purchased in our signature material, you can easily remove and reposition them until you find the perfect placement without causing damage to your walls!

  • Size/Pack
    • small dots (110 dots approximately 5cm) 
    • large dots (52 dots approximately 7cm)
    • mixed dots (66 dots approximately 5cm and 39 dots approximately 7cm)
  • Material - Options of removable fabric and permanent vinyl
  • Colour - Your choice from our colour chart. If we dont have the colour you want you can request a different one.

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